Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Sorry I Missed Ya in ’08: Kicks

So this morning – on some deep.ish - I woke up thinking about some things I wish I had accomplished in 2008. No Emo. But then of course, my mind wandered onto more important things - like what Sneakers I still wish I had copped.

Now besides the dozens of Supras I wish I copped, and in no particular order…

Alife Rivington Club X Asics Gel Lyte III


Love at first sight. ‘Nuff Said
More Info: Sneakerfiles

JB Classics x Ride Snowboards

Yo! Where the hell are the JB Classic accounts that got these?! I looked everywhere online and never seen a JB Classic shoe in person in my life yet. Zhe shi Fang Pi!
More Info: Ctothejl

Nike Syracuse Orangemen Dunk Low - Be True

Come on Nike! SwaggerDap is run by Syracuse students!!! We shoulda had these mailed directly to our office 1st!
More Info: Highsnobiety
John’s Dream

Greedy Genius Apache

These were hated by many, loved by a few. I knew I wanted ‘um. But smh…they just got by. No Buy.
More Info: SwaggerDap

Nike Blazer Mid - Neutral Grey/Varsity Red

Simple, Clean, Sexy - Love at first sight.
No info.

I’m thinking I might try to reflect on some jeans, tees, hoodies, videogames, or other things I wish I had copped in ’08.


Bonus: I regret coppin these

No Words.
Reference: SwaggerDap

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