Monday, May 25, 2009

Adventures in Boston: Drinks & Lights

Went up to my 2nd home for a couple days this weekend and played around with the new camera a little bit. The days consisted of walking outside, eating, drinking, and shopping, so yea it was a damn good weekend...

Spotted even more Shepard Fairy in Caimbridge. He really has taken over the city.

I just love everything about this picture.

My graduation gift to myself. Great now I'm broker than I already was.

Awesome sangria sampler and margaritas.

Then since it was getting dark we decided to have some with shutter speed and light (as always, no photoshopping here)...

Since I'm now addicted to taking pictures with this thing I decided to also start a personal Tumblr blog, The Dap. So hit me up with your own Tumblr sites or follow mine so that I can follow back.



  1. are those shep throwups legal/paid or are they straight bombs?

  2. idk anymore ... he was in a bunch of legal trouble in Boston for putting stuff up but so much is still up that i think they allowed it now. Plus he has a huge show there now too

  3. man pls tell me wat camera u use? damn !

  4. haha yea just got it for graduation and I'm in love with this camera man.

    It's a Nikon D90 ... similar to the D60 ... there are tons of great Digital SLRs out there though



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