Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Who's Hungry? - Animated Short by David Ochs

Who's Hungry? is a 5 minute animated short from CalArts student David Ochs. It is the perfectly dark retelling of Grimms version of Hansel and Gretel.

Amazingly David is a only first year student, but at a school where they say "If you are good enough to get into CalArts, you probably don't need to go to CalArts", I guess class standing doesn't really matter. Ochs' perfect use of animation, lighting, sound, and storytelling won him a spot in the esteemed CalArts Producers’ Show.

For some back story, I found out that freshmen at CalArts are not allowed to create a work over 90 seconds if they wish to be eligible for a spot in the Producers' show. The one exception to this rule is if their film is chosen as best overall film by the entire student body. Well as you can see, Ochs achieved this and won their "Peer’s Pick Award" as a freshman.

Wish I could give you more on Ochs or a website but I couldn't find a verified site.


via therichboys

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