Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Kidrobot June 2009 Toy Releases (Part 1)

Another month, another set of toy releases from Kidrobot. Since they are coming our with so much lately the release schedule is now going to be bi-monthly, so this is the releases for the 1st half of June.

Labbit Pride 5-Pack - June 4th
5 mini Labbits in Frank Kozik’s Pride Pack sport sick ‘staches and are 1.5-inches long. Sold in a windowed box designed by the artist and retails for $16.95.

Pure Trance Mini Series - June 4th
Manga maven Junko Mizuno brings 14 demented characters from her hit graphic novel, Pure Trance, to vinyl. Blind-boxed and 3-inches tall, each figure in this series suffers from disturbing & sweet side effects due to the life-sustaining pills they’re addicted to— especially the 2 chases...Retails for $9.95 each and includes an insert with a character bio & headshot.

Kidrobot 17: Sgt. Robot - June 4th
War-torn and worthy, painter Dave White’s Kidrobot 17: Sgt. Robot emerges from the trenches. Available in 2 rare colorways, army green or black, this 8-inch figure includes a removable bazooka, helmet and dove accessory. Only 600 of each colorway; $50 each.
Artist Dave White will be in store for signings also. NY store June 3rd, Miami store June 4th.

As always you can visit Kidrobot stores or shop online.


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