Friday, May 08, 2009

Tokyo Trip

This week is Golden Week in Japan, which basically means almost everyone in the country is off work for 3 days. This also means that almost every goes somewhere for those 3 days.

We decided to go and visit my best mate who lives in Tokyo.

First night we had a BBQ and got completely wrecked. The next day we went to Harajuku which was the busiest I have ever seen it in my 10 years of visiting Japan.

Here are a few pics. Enjoy!

The view at one of the service stations we stopped at! Awesome!

No greasy spoon cafe's here

I spotted Mount Fuji at another service station stop

Waiting in Shinjuku

The BBQ gets underway

Beer and meat and some random Japanese Spirit. All you need for a good night.

Now we are cooking!

These were really nice, but my friend said they were the most disgusting thing he has ever tasted lol

Next day and Ramen was on the menu

The New Murakami'd LV store on Ometosando Dori, Harajuku

Awesome looking store

The NSW store on Neko Dori

The Adidas Originals store is 2 down

Harajuku crossing with the new H&M and Forever21 stores in the distance.

We couldnt get into H&M or Forever21 as they both had 3 hour queues!!

As I said, it was the busiest ive ever known it.

I always like to play "Spot the Star Trak Sticker" when ever im in Harajuku. This is a new one I found lol

Lots of people sent flowers to congratulate Carhartt on their new store opening, including Nigo, Stussy, Bounty Hunter and others.

A shot of the inside of the store

The LOVE statue in Shinjuku

Limited EDT 2 in Harajuku. I love this shop, I always want pretty much every shoe they have!

Burger King Terriyaki Whopper. Only in Tokyo so I had to have one. It was great :D

The Mode HAL School building. Great design.


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  1. 3 HOURS to get into H&M and Forever21... Holy crap o____O

    great pics, looks like you had a blast =)



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