Thursday, May 14, 2009

SwaggerDap Loses to an Indestructible TV

After a semester of abuse (both verbal and physical) and over a decade of use, it was time to throw out my old trusty Zenith TV that had brought me such great entertainment for years. However, since we have to overdo everything, it wasn't enough to just throw the TV out. We were determined to destroy it.
Here is attempt one at the destruction.....

(Warning! this is not streetwear or fashion related in any way. But we found it funny)

After that miserable failure, we had to bust out the big guns. We brought in the stunt team for this one ...
(Make sure you pay attention at about :30 in too)

I don't even know if Zenith TVs are still made but if they are I highly suggest getting one as a long term investment.

So as you saw, TV 2 - SwaggerDap 0 ... this was one epic and disappointing failure for us, the last option was to throw it off of a canyon but that just would have required too much effort. At least we were able to fuck up a microwave, throw a couch out of a window and shatter a bowl in the process, so it was all worth it.

Back to reality.



  1. WOOWWW... Episodic Fail! I sent the link to my friend, she said "that white boy can't even hold the pole up and he's trying to joust with the TV, that's not how you break it! Hasn't he seen office space!?" Gotta work on Endurance buddy, FYL John. haha Either way, classic post.

  2. hahahahah, Yo I that pole was wild heavy!! Meezy tried to lift it but it weighed more than him I think. lol

    And yea we went Office Space on the microwave instead. Minus the bat

  3. OMG, you guys are insane. What would you have done if the couch fell the other way, right through your sliding glass door?!! LOL!

    Who knew a TV could be so hard to break?

  4. lol we opened the door so worst case it would just break our screen

    and yea that Zenith could make it through anything



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