Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Artist Profile - Net from Kyoto

On my random perusing of the net in search of things that interest me, I randomly stumbled upon this artist Net out of Kyoto, Japan. Unfortunately Net's site is completely in Japanese so it was difficult to get much information but I did translate as much as possible and got the names of the works.

飛蚊 (Floater)

マーブル (Marble)

仲直り (Reconciliation)

降水確率90% (Chance of rain 90%)

オニノコ (ONINOKO)

Something about all of Net's work just brings awesome slightly surreal visuals that really hit me. Net's entire catalog is on the site, and definitely worth checking out. From what I've gathered Net is a student artist from Kyoto but can't really find much more. I would love to find more and even be able to buy prints so if anyone knows more or can read the Japanese off of the site, let me know!


1 comment:

  1. I think the artists name is jun seifuku



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