Thursday, May 28, 2009

S.W.A.G. - The Originators

I always like to show love to brands who support SwaggerDap and send free gear, I mean it's the least we can do. So when The Originators send out a few tees this week, once again, it's all love...

The Originators are all about paying homage to the OGs who paved the way, as you can see in this 1st tee,"Native Tongues". The artwork draws directly from the staple A Tribe Called Quest album art and mixes it with a little Rolling Stones.

While I am always grateful for anything sent my way, I coundn't exactly get as excited about the second t-shirt, which was a tribute to some OG Yankees. Little did The Originators know that I am a huge Mets fan, so as you can see the shirt kind of stuck out when in the mix with the rest of my baseball paraphernalia...

Might be your lucky day! Shoot me an email to john@swaggerdap.com for your chance to get your hands on this shirt. Just include your name, favorite Yankee of all time, and why. Anyone can enter but the tee is a Large. I'll be emailing the winner back by Sunday.

Thanks again to The Originators for showing love. Be sure to check their stuff out. Dealers, more info, and an online shop can all be found on their site.


S.W.A.G. - Durkl, Beige, American Terrorist Apparel


  1. Go Mets! HA!
    cool pic tho, i'm digging that tribe tee

  2. Wow, BROAD range of favorite Yankees entered so far... from Bobby Mercer to A-Rod

    Winner announced Sunday



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