Saturday, May 16, 2009

Puma City - Boston

Yesterday I was lucky enough to visit Puma City, in the Boston ports, for its final day of operations in the country. Puma City is a mobile shop/ bar/ lounge from Puma that was in Boston for almost a month to support the Puma Ocean Racing team.

Composed completely of shipping containers, Puma City has won a slew of awards for the functionality, mobility, and innovation of the structure.

The bottom two floors act as a retail space while there are bars, lounges, and decks on the upper two floors.

Great signage all over the place.

Volvo was another sponsor of the event and outside they had a full to scale model of a Volvo made completely of Legos.

Yesterday was the last chance to catch Puma City in Boston but the containers should be shipping out to other ports around the World now as this was the only stop in the US.

Some stats on the award winning piece of mobile architecture...
Number of Containers: 24
Height: 40 Feet, 3 stories
Weight: 3000,000 kgs (660,000 lbs)
Square Feet: 11,000 square feet
Number of Bolts: 3,700
Number of Usain Bolts: 1
Number of Screws: 15,000
Assembly: 2 weeks, 2 cranes, 1 forklift, 1 scissor lift, 20 workers, 6000 man hours


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