Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Entire Nike SB City Pack at MentalKicks

Released way back in 2003, when Nike SB was just starting to take over the sneaker scene, the original City Pack consists of 4 of the most coveted SBs (if not sneakers) to ever have been released. Now, some 6 years later, MentalKicks somehow has the entire pack together for sale in the same size (11 if you were wondering and have the dough).

From front to back: New York (Pigeons), Paris, Tokyo, and London. Each were exclusively released in their respective cities.

The sneakers originally released for close to MSRP, but with only 200 pairs of each in existence the market price on each pair is now somewhere between $1,000-5,000 and continues to rise each year.

No clue how they did it or how long they've been holding onto them but MentalKicks is now selling all 4 pairs in size 11 as a package deal for $10,000.

Breaks my heart that I fit size 11 and that this opportunity will most likely never be available again.


via mashkulture


  1. ouch. im an 11. and not having 10k. ouch.

  2. Love the shoes.
    4 Cities made in CHINA.



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