Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Android Homme Footwear- s/s 2009

While we see new tee shirt and clothing lines pop up everyday more or less, it is way more rare to see a new footwear line come up. Well Android Homme is a new line out of LA that is doing some serious things with their futuristic space themed sneakers.

Lunar Rover (Aluminum)

Propulsion (Grey Matter)

Propulsion (Black Hole)

Propulsion (White Light)

Jet Pack (Gold Wing)

Jet Pack (Silver Space)

Using really interesting silhouettes, sticking with mostly gray-scale, and using materials and textures to make the sneakers pop, Android does a really good job of giving the luxury footwear look that blurs the line between sneaker and shoe. The Jet Pack also features a really nice pocket on the sides of each sneaker with a zip close.

In stores soon, for now you can grab Android Homme straight from their site.



  1. that photoshoot is so cool. and the rest of the lookbook too.

    meezy you need the ones with the pocket + zipper so you dont lose your money while running around in the streets.

  2. DOPE! I can put my milk money right in the side!

  3. uuhmmm..i've lost shit when i kept it in my Puma's pocket. So nah, not a good idea.

  4. wow what a lovely android-homme-footwear, i like this Aluminum shose, look really weasome thanks for sahring




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