Friday, July 30, 2010

Shawnimals x Kidrobot - Ninjatown Wee Vinyl Series

As you know, we have the utmost love for Shawnimals here at SwaggerDap, so it is great to see them team up with Kidrobot for a slightly less soft and cuddly version of their Ninjatown collection of characters. The entire Ninjatown cast gets the vinyl treatment for this blind box assortment...

The standard ninjas and demons are all there, as well as some mystery surprises. Grab 'em now at Kidrobot locations or on their webshop.


Darcel's Guide to NYC | Art

If you aren't already familiar with Darcel from his run-ins with Louis Vuitton or exhibit at Colette, he is the underwhelmed and simply drawn character created by illustrator/designer Craig Redman of Rinzen. Darcel is basically Craig's representation of himself as a character who is constantly disappointed by the little things in life, or well in this case, in New York City...

As you can see Darcel always just misses his train

...experiences tons of "rain" on city sidewalks

...can't stand SoHo on the weekends

...or when Supreme has a new delivery

... NYC pigeons are definitely not his friend

... and he was sooo not into the World Cup hype.

... however every once and a while he enjoys the finer side of life. Like Louis Vuitton parties in London.

Does everyone in NYC feel like they can relate to Darcel? or is it just me?

To keep up with Darcel's trials and tribulations in NYC, be sure to check out DarcelDissapoints (which is updated with a new Darcel scene every few days). Oh and you can also follow Darcel on twitter. Although the strong focus is on New York, where Craig lives, he said that more satirical city guides for London and Paris will eventually be in the works as well.


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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tom Ford a/w 2010 Eyewear Ads

Tom Ford is back with yet another great ad campaign for his Autumn/ Winter 2010 line of eyewear.

This new ad campaign features both mens and womens sunglasses and sight glasses, as modeled by and Nicholas Hoult (whom Tom Ford has a clear obsession with) and Freja Beha Erichsen...

No doubt that at least some of the crows are superimposed or fake, but either way, what an interesting choice of prop. I'd love to know the thinking behind it. As for the glasses, all very strong as always, with my standout favorite being the very last. Super huge and super round. Not for every face, but if pulled off right, you win.

PREVIOUSLY: Tom Ford s/s 2010 Eyewear Ads


KIKS TYO - Summer 2010

The sneaker nuts from KIKS TYO are here with some more summer drops for their sneaker nuts fans...

Delivery Man

Maceo Artist Series

Burning Logo

Beer can snuggies FTW!

All released today, and you can now grab them through KIKS TYO's Int'l Web Shop


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pic of the Day - Humdrum Night


Kid Cudi Live @ Bape NYC

Kid Cudi did a little last minute performance at Bape NYC last month, and now there is finally good quality footage of the show as well as some behind the scenes talks with Mr Rager himself...

Just two quick questions on this one:

1) REVOFEV is constantly stuck in my head. Am I the only one singing "WOOOoooAAAOOOOOooo" on the streets?? I can't be.

2) What ever happened to enjoying live shows? Seems like 9/10 people in the audience were too busy trying to record and take pictures to even have any fun. Or am I being an old man?



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Monday, July 26, 2010

Simply Complicated - SCDEADPREZ Collection

After having the store sold out for a solid month, Simply Complicated just dropped their newest collection a little early to meet demand. Inspired by quotes from some dead presidents, the collection is SCDEADPREZ, take a look...

"Speak softly and carry a big stick" - Theodore Roosevelt

"Liberty, when it begins to take root, is a plant of rapid growth" - George Washington

"Don't spend money before you make it" - Thomas Jefferson

"Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt" - Lincoln

We also get some oldies back (Hear No Evil/ Heart of a Lion), as well as my personal favorite, the SC Logo tee in both royal blue and cranberry...

Above is only some of what was released today, so check out SCapparel.net for the entire line, which is also where you can purchase. And honestly, act quick, cause last season sold out ridiculously fast and the final print of the famous black Global View tee is back, which people are constantly asking about.

Shouts to the homie Grant for yet another dope collection. The concepts that go into these tees are intense at times and the designs completely embody the name, Simply Complicated.


Store Profile - Wood

For every well known destination store, there are dozens of other stores busting their ass and selling great products that just don't get the same love and recognition. Well this Store Profile segment is going to be all about showing love and more importantly exposing people to the hidden gems in cities around the world.

To kick it off, we'll start off with Wood, a UK shop that we've recently been in contact with...

Wood has been serving the UK for over 6 years, and carries cut & sewn driven lines such as Nomme De Guerre, Barbour, and Lyle & Scott; more graphic/ street driven brands such as The Hundreds, 10 Deep, and Mishka; as well as footwear and accessories from the likes of Nike, Clae, and Cassius. They also carry a varied assortment of vintage and collectible clothing and toys. And with such success in the retail market, Wood has marked 2010 as their year and is soon set to launch their very own clothing line, Cyrus Wood. Get ready.

You can shop online at ashopcalledwood.com (where you can save 20% with code "SWAGGERDAP"), and for our UK readers, you can check out their two physical locations...

Wood (Manchester)
55 Oldham St
M1 1JR

Wood (Huddersfield)
6 Market Ave


NSW Livestrong 2010 Dunk Hi & Blazer Mid

Nike Sportswear keeps coming with some solid Livestrong footwear this year, and for the Fall we get a Dunk Hi and Blazer mid that have been Livestrong-ized...

While the Blazers seem very clear but just a tad lazy in the creativity department, the Dunks have that perfect multicolor accent on the heel that completely set them apart. Really wish the Blazers had the same exact effect on the heel where 'Nike' is written, but oh well, can't have everything.

These will be dropping very soon at top Nike accounts.


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Friday, July 23, 2010

Pic of the Day - One Eyed Mike


True x Diamond Supply Co. "Native Leagues Project"

In yet another installment of their Native Leagues Project, True SF is now at it with Diamond Supply Co., this time paying homage to the San Francisco Giants...

"Diamond Supply Co. steps up to the plate to join San Francisco's True for Native Leagues Project release #6. The concept behind the Native Leagues Project is for True to collaborate with some of their top brands in tribute to the legacy of Bay Area sports teams. San Francisco native Nick Diamond pays tribute to his hometown team in the Diamond way with this release.

Native Leagues Project Vol. 6: Diamond drops this Saturday July 24th at Diamond Supply Co. Los Angeles, True SF, True East & online at trueclothing.net"

PREVIOUSLY: True x The Hundreds - Native Leagues Project


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Nike Air Footscape - Fall 2010

After the hideous interesting addition of Flywire to the Air Footscape Motion last season, Nike is now back to basics with the Footscape. This Fall we get them in a nice woven quilted material in Navy and Tope...

Blue Print

Faded Tope

Kinda sad they took the Free Motion sole out (so comfortable), but happy that the Flywire is gone. This new tightly woven quilted material looks great, and the colors are perfectly simple for Fall.


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TI$A Shoe Commercial Preview | Video

Taz Arnold and his TI$A brand are making strides lately, and now with a sneaker collab coming up with Stampd' LA ready to launch, here is a little preview into the lookbook/ commercial...

Yea it's short and sweet, but Taz is one of the most ridiculously ridiculous people out there and I always show love.


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Artist Profile - Maurizio Bongiovanni

Italian artist Maurizio Bongiovanni takes his rather dull paintings of birds in nature that you might see in your grandma's house and warps them into modern art. Genius. And while they look like a quick Photoshop effect has been used, they are actually 100% oil based paintings...

I feel like this is the result of a modern artist full of ideas who is forced to take a still life or classical painting class. And the result is a mash-up of awesomeness.

PREVIOUSLY: Artist Profile - Mari Inukai


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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pic of the Day - Going Off


Bedwin & The Heartbreakers - a/w 2010 Lookbook

Sticking with the same overall feel, but still getting stronger with each season, Bedwin & The Heartbreakers has just released their lookbook for Autumn/ Winter 2010...

In my attempt to not put things in boxes anymore, I refuse to compare them to any other brands, but Bedwin did a great job once again as a Tokyo brand capturing British style very well. The occasional pops of blue, red, and whites are subtle but perfect accents to the well constructed but mostly black and drab collection. Also huge attention to the headwear which varies and plays so nicely with the collection.

You can peep the rest of the lookbook on Cadmus , as well as on the Bedwin site, where you can check individual product shots as well.



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