Friday, July 02, 2010

Bape L.A. Store Closing?

Following the recent Pirate Store sale at Bape L.A. and Bape N.Y.C. there have been rumours flying around the Bape forums that the L.A. store is actually closing.

This seems to now be confirmed thanks to this picture from Brooklyn Projects


Nigo stated recently on his blog that he had "5 new projects" currently going on, so there is a good chance that the L.A. store will be relocated.

I find it very strange that they claimed the store is closing for "maintenance" instead of being up front about what is happening?

Bape recently closed 2 other stores here in Japan but posted this news well in advance on the Japanese Bape site

Thanks to SJR of ISS Forum's Bape section for the assist


1 comment:

  1. mmm dont they usually post a for lease sign on the inside of the store rather than the outside?



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