Friday, July 16, 2010

Japanese Cartoon - In the Jaws of the Lords of Death (Album)

Finally, after a year and a half of waiting (by me at least), the Japanese Cartoon album is available for free download!

All you gotta do is go to AllSabotage.com, register, and the link is yours. There are also packages for $25, $65, and $150, that include respective goodies and super awesome Japanese Cartoon paraphernalia. And honestly for what you get, they're kinda worth it.

The only slight let down is that 5 of the 9 tracks on the album had already been leaked for a year+, but for a free download with some fresh art work, I ain't complaining.

Oh and if you just read all this and are still asking "Who the fuck is Japanese Cartoon?!?", they're Lupe Fiasco's British punk rock band. Get familiar here.


via seriouswapanese

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