Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Artist Profile - Mari Inukai

Mari Inukai is a Nagoya, Japan native (what up Yom!?) turned Cali resident, who draws, paints, and animates fascinating independent gallery work, along with a pretty impressive corporate client list (Cartoon Network, Sanrio, Disney, Nickelodeon). However when I spotted her stuff on BOOOOOOOM I was just allured by her paintings...


Float II


Pink No Zousan




While most of her works have some sort of animated creatures hiding somewhere in them, overall she basically has two types of paintings; those based around this girl/ woman character (possibly her?), and those based in this more extreme fantasy world with a mix of real and fake animal characters. It's as if she paints in two different worlds.
Her style is also appealing in that she takes scenes that "should be" full of bright and happy colors and feelings, but instead tones them down with a slightly dreary mix of colors. As if you get a filtered view.

To avoid to much of a clash, I kept to only her paintings here, but you can check her drawings, animated shorts, and other designs here. And if you are in the southern California area, keep your eyes out for Mari as she does most of her gallery shows in the area.

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  1. Thank you so much for putting up my works on your blog!!
    so encouraging!!!

  2. of course! your stuff is amazing. thanks for checking the site



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