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Get or Forget?


Some friends and I got together to discuss what we thought about some recent shoe releases and whether or not we would "Get or Forget".

Check out what we had to say.

Visvim x Soph Christo


Yom: Its 50-50 with the christos. They would be perfect for the Japanese summer and are meant to be super comfortable, but I have big feet already and they look like they would make them look even bigger? I'm gonna go with Get

Sh3lldon: Already love christos for their comfort and a good collaboration with a clean color way is a winner. Get

IchibanED: I like the midnight navy they used, it’s very clean yet sort of sinister in a way. I’ve always been a fan of the SOPHNET scorpion logo, myself being a Scorpio. Get

Helgen X: I have two reasons why I wouldn't wear these: 1. because i feel that non leather sandals/slip ons are childish, especially when baring straps, and 2. slip ons for over $100? I would feel stupid even telling someone how much they cost. They look like payless slippers actually. Forget

a_smith: The Christo in this color way is just another off shoot of what has become a very popular shoe for them. I like the color way this time more than most of the styles they have brought out just simply because it is blue and I happen to really like blue, when most people will pick up black before a blue. Get

New Balance - Gortex Flight Jacket


Yom: These look great. There are a lot of flight jacket colour-ways (green and orange) appearing at the moment but I think these are amongst the best. Get

sh3lldon: I like the use of premium materials but not a huge fan of military style or the shape of the shoe. Forget

IchibanED: I’m really feeling the military theme on these. The Gortex makes this a real tough ass kicking shoe, words that one doesn’t usually associate with New Balance. Built to last. Get

Helgen X: Now these are dope. I definitely love simple colorways with less than 3 colors, especially when they are subtle like so. And you can never really go wrong with gortex. Gortex is usually only slapped on good shit. Get

a_smith: I really don't like these at all. I think they are kind of biting what Undftd has done with the Poormans. I also think you look like a librarian or Mr Rogers when wearing NB's. Forget

Billionaire Boys Club - Nothings


Yom: Never been a big fan of BBC, outside of Season Zero that is. I did like a few of the original boutiques they did though and these do look quite nice from what I've seen so far. Get

sh3lldon: Owning a few pairs of the original boutiques I have to say I prefer them to these new ones. Beepers over plain. Forget

IchibanED: If you look at these versus the original boutiques that BBC/Ice Cream came out with, you would not believe they were from the same brand. They have opted all over print for simple colors, and the outcome is good. Get

Helgen X: I think these are dope actually, very nice not so loud colors and gummy soles are always dope. Though, the overall design is almost too basic and similar to, oh let's say STAN SMITHS. (Adidas.) Forget

a_smith: These are going to be all the rage when they finally drop. Kids have been waiting for them for YEARS, I can see no less than 40 people queueing when each colorway drops. I personally like the Red and Yellow pairs most! (Sidebar a Pharrell song just came on my itunes well writing this) Makes those pairs an even bigger must cop! A classic looking shoe that wont get played out like a beeper. Get

Nike Air - Pegasus


Yom: These look really nice. Nice classic style and a good colour-way. Get

sh3lldon: I love the shoe and the colorway. Old Nike running shoes are always a cop. Get

IchibanED: Although I like the use of the infra-red colorway, the Air Pegasus is not one of my favorite Nike models. I would rather be seen in the gym with these than on the street. Forget

Helgen X: I think the main reason I like these is because they are very different looking than most of the major air max sneakers, and I had these as a kid, these sneakers are no joke. I like how they kind of make you feel like you are sliding instead of walking lol. Get

a_smith: The air pegasus might be a classic Nike running shoe but I just don't get the hype on them. I will save my fingers from even typing a review. Forget

Vans Old Skool Mountain Edition - Gum pack


Yom: Never been a big fan of the Mountain Edition Vans and I don't think the gum sole works with this. Forget

sh3lldon: Not a fan of the colorway or the shoe itself. Forget

IchibanED: The colorway, the model, and the gum sole all make me want to love this shoe, but something about it still hasn’t won me over. Forget

Helgen X: I DEFINITELY have to get these! I love gum soles, I love mountain editions because they are the only vans really worth their money with their comfort and thick padding inside. this color is so dope to me, you don't really see this type of color in general. GET

a_smith: Now, with Van's I usually like all of their shoes but this style just never popped for me. But I give it some super points for the blue colorway. And I would more than likely wear a free pair. Forget (unless it's free)

Mastermind Japan x Adidas Originals


Yom: When I first saw pictures of these it was an insta-cop but as time went on there was something about them that made me less excited. I don't really like the lace area and the body looks a little odd. I've seen people wearing them now and no one has done them justice in my opinion yet. Forget (unless I find them stupidly cheap of course lol)

sh3lldon: Adidas come again with another nice collaboration. The tongue logo sets the shoe off well. Get

IchibanED: The highlight of this shoe is the MMJ skull on the tongue. This hi-top is designed to have its tongue show (Sidenote: Chuck Taylors are not, people please stop). Many people hate on tongue popping, but when done subtly, not obnoxiously, it looks good. Get

Helgen X: Ehh... I'm not really one for skulls on things, too Hot-Topicy for me. Also, these look a lot like Y-3 Honja's. They aren't very creative either, but not bad. I wouldn't wear these even if given for free. Forget

a_smith: As a true fan of the classic 3 stripes these are killer, although I wish they had kept more of the classic Adidas look that Jeremy Scott has done so well with in his line. But I would for sure put a pair or 2 of these into my inventory with out a question. Get

AF1 - 3m swoosh


Yom: Not a huge fan of AF-1s, based on the fact that the only 2 pairs that I've owned have been some of the most uncomfortable shoes I've ever worn. 3M also does nothing for me unless I'm riding a bike or something. Forget

sh3lldon: I wish Nike had done something else rather than just the swoosh as 3m. It's usually a good bet. Forget

IchibanED: I am a sucker for 3M material. Get

Helgen X: No. Never. If you're from where I'm from and are into fashion, usually, AF1's would most likely not be in your collection or wardrobe. These specifically just look like any type you can walk into foot locker or a mom and pop store and pick up easily. The 3M swoosh might make motorists look away, lol. Forget

a_smith: 3m swoosh nuff said! Must have! Get

Sebago and Ronnie Feig's Nexus Project - Docksides


Yom: These are nice, just not my style. Forget

sh3lldon: Really not my style or for me. Forget

IchibanED: I like the use of different materials on these. The rough suede gives it a dirty and rugged look while the leather gives it a more refined taste. The contrast between the blue sole and coal gray suede rescues this boat shoe from the doldrums. Get

Helgen X: I really don't know what to say about these. Boat shoes aren't shoes you really look at and go "oh shit, boat shoes!" The colorway is strange for boats hoes as well. For traditional shoes like boats, I feel bright colors are strange. Forget

a_smith: These shoes are amazing the whole Nexus Project gets a Thumbs up. The quality looks amazing and being a Michigan Boy I have a huge bias to this project. Get

Nike lunar Presto rejuven8 - Black and Orange


Yom: I really like the Presto range but the colorway puts me off these. There are some much nicer all red and all electric blue version out that I would buy over these. Forget

sh3lldon: Prestos are the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned so these add a nice twist to that. Get

IchibanED: I’m not a fan of this Nike model, nor the colorway. The black and orange remind me more of trick or treating than running. Forget

Helgen X: I'm a fan of presto's. I wish these didn't have the lines on the mid sole, otherwise these would look a lot better. I still like them though. Get

a_smith: As much as I like the rejuven8's these shoes are UGLY! Forget

Adidas Adicup Herzo Pack - Nelson Mandela


Yom: Nice but I haven't worn football style shoes outside of playing football since I was a teenager. That's not gonna change now. Forget

sh3lldon: Classic Adidas. Great concept and idea for a shoe, probably one of my favorite World Cup related releases. Get

IchibanED: This sneaker takes Adidas back to its soccer roots. But even with Nelson Mandela's name backing it up, as a casual lifestyle shoe. Forget

Helgen X: Soccer/Football shoes should just stay on the field, because as much as I like the sport, I don't really want to wear the shoes off the field. These look too similar to Sambas, but it seems like these force you to wearing sporty clothing with them. Forget

a_smith: David and Jeff really did a great job designing these shoes with Adidas. Not to mention that the shoe's are so nice they show the classicness of there site as well. You can put the shoes next to a picture of there site and see why they look the way they do. I need a few sets of these! Get

Meet the players

Yom: Likes Japanese fashion, photography and stealing kid's lunch money. Follow his Tumblr here: Nagoya Yom

sh3lldon: The big guy from north of the border knows his shoes, even if he doesn't know his soccer. You can follow his twitter here: @sh3lldon

IchibanED1026: Simply a boy who likes good music, food, girls, travel, and clothes. Check out his Tumblr here: IchibanED1026

Helgen X: A neurotic old school hood rat from NYC that has too many hobbies to choose from. Check out his blog here: The Nippon Blues

a_smith: The man behind Bapetalk2.com. You can follow his twitter here: @a_smith

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