Friday, July 30, 2010

Darcel's Guide to NYC | Art

If you aren't already familiar with Darcel from his run-ins with Louis Vuitton or exhibit at Colette, he is the underwhelmed and simply drawn character created by illustrator/designer Craig Redman of Rinzen. Darcel is basically Craig's representation of himself as a character who is constantly disappointed by the little things in life, or well in this case, in New York City...

As you can see Darcel always just misses his train

...experiences tons of "rain" on city sidewalks

...can't stand SoHo on the weekends

...or when Supreme has a new delivery

... NYC pigeons are definitely not his friend

... and he was sooo not into the World Cup hype.

... however every once and a while he enjoys the finer side of life. Like Louis Vuitton parties in London.

Does everyone in NYC feel like they can relate to Darcel? or is it just me?

To keep up with Darcel's trials and tribulations in NYC, be sure to check out DarcelDissapoints (which is updated with a new Darcel scene every few days). Oh and you can also follow Darcel on twitter. Although the strong focus is on New York, where Craig lives, he said that more satirical city guides for London and Paris will eventually be in the works as well.


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