Wednesday, June 17, 2009

10 Deep - Summer 2009 Stop-Motion Lookbook

While checking out look book after look book it's always nice to see ones that are 1) Well shot & thought out. 2) Organized. and 3) Creative.
10 Deep always seems to get 1 and 2 right, but this summer they got especially creative and created a really cool stop-motion lookbook.

Those are a few screens from the look book but to get the full effect of the stop motion, click here.

I know it sounds dumb that this whole post is talking about the actual look book and not the product but it's underestimated how important a good look book is in communicating your brand. A set of tee shirts with graphics means very little to people, they're paying to be part of a lifestyle and identify with a brand. It takes hard work and careful planning, but that's how all the big boys got big. Trust me.

Oh yea, and let's not forget about the clothes, which you can grab right from the 10 Spot.


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