Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Comme des Garçons BLACK Opens in NYC

On a very quiet street corner in Chelsea yesterday, the Comme des Garçons BLACK store opened its doors for the very 1st time.

Sorry for the crazy glare on the pictures but it was actually sunny for a change.

A very small boutique, the BLACK store is carrying a decent selection of womens clothing that is almost all blacked out (with the exception of some white here and there as well as a blue and black striped shirt). The collection is really well done with plenty of staple pieces well blended in with the avante garde ones that make CdG so great. It is serving as primarily a womens stores (I say primarily because some of the pants and tees looked a little big and could definitely be pulled off by guys) but word is that within the next month or 2 we should be seeing some selection for menswear.
BLACK going with the recession theme will allegedly last as long as this economic downturn lasts, which is nice since the prices are relatively cheap compared to the normal Comme des Garçons product. Figure roughly 40% off most items.

Aside from this store which is on 10th st. and 18th st. in Chelsea, there is also a BLACK corner in Barneys New York. Check here for the full list of stores.
And to get a limited view of the collection, check here.


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