Friday, June 05, 2009

MT the Great - Soundtrack to Greatness

Once again a Twitter discovery, MT the Great is a producer from Memphis who has just put together his 1st album, Soundtrack to Greatness. Through this concept album, MT has taken some of his favorite movies and added the score that he saw fit.

Once I listened to the intro and understood the concept of the Soundtrack to Greatness I was already excited because I feel that movie scores are so underrated and can bring out so much extra emotion from movies. Like when RZA does scores for movies it's just so eloquent and makes the movie that much better.
MT does a great job at creating smooth beats that are all an easy listen and something that I can definitely vibe out to. Favorite tracks: What is Love, Tree Climbin Muzik, Gluttony.

Download MT the Great - Soundtrack to Greatness


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