Friday, June 12, 2009

Eric Koston Signs to Nike SB

In the world of skate you can have multiple sponsors for each individual part of your attire and skateboard. Decks probably get the most shine but sneakers aren't too far behind. So when one of the biggest skaters in the world, Eric Koston, dropped Lakai as his footwear sponsor, the skate world went nuts and rumors arose. Koston even walked around with plastic bags on his feet for a while to cover up any hints as to who he was leaning towards (I'm not joking).

Well as you can clearly see here, Koston has joined the footwear mecca of Nike SB, a team which already holds P-Rod, Brian Anderson, Danny Supa and more. He will likely be one of the few riders to get a signature shoe, and after the wild success of the P-Rod 1 and 2, we might just get something exciting. Time will tell.

(sidenote: I've been told I look like Eric Koston. Does anyone agree or disagree? cause I just don't see it and not sure if that's a compliment)


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