Saturday, June 13, 2009

Superflat First Love by Takashi Murakami (for Louis Vuitton)

Takashi Murakami has done another awesome animated short for Louis Vuitton that once again takes trip though the amazing "Superflat" world filled with Murakami characters and designs.

If you remember a while back there was this original Superflat animation by Murakami titled Monogram. I still think that this original one is 10X better so if you haven't seen it you can catch up here. (the girl in the video above is the same as this one just 6 years grown up)

Murakami needs to come out with a full length movie already through his Kaikai Kiki production company that has so many great artist. He spoke on it when I saw him but still nada.


via toysrevil

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