Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Union NYC Closing Its Doors

For every store opening, there is also one closing. And with over 20 years of NYC pioneering in the street wear scene it is time that Union NYC must say goodbye...

While some people complained that the store was too small or the staff were standoffish, there is no denying the huge impact that Union has had on the NYC scene. They are the only account for Visvim, Neighborhood, and W)Taps in the city, and even though they may seem too cool for it now, they were actually one of the very 1st BBC/ Ice Cream accounts ever. Definitely sad to see the store and the great brands that it carries leave SoHo.

I'll never forget their original store down the block, which was about the size of a closet. It was literally a struggle to move something on the racks since they carried so many brands in such a tight space. Then if you needed a size they had to lift up the floor and climb into the basement! Great stuff. haha

For a final "hooray!" they have teamed up with PegLeg NYC for this stars and stripes G-Shock. Their final collabo.... which Pharrell seems to be digging.

PS. I'm pretty sure that Union LA is separately owned and will be staying in business. So don't fret my Cali friends.


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