Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bape URSUS Line by Tet Coming Soon!

Earlier this year there was the huge announcement from Bape that Tetsu Nishiyama, of W)Taps, would soon be designing the core line. Well now that two seasons have passed, Bape and Tet are finally launching the URSUS collection on July 18th.

A preview of a URSUS stadium jacket from the upcoming season.

Apparently the line is going to be amazing judging from the buzz, but only time will tell with this one. However if Tet sticks to his W)Taps style and infuses the fun aspects of Bape this could really turn out to be something special. Can't even explain how excited I am for this.

The catalog will drop on July 17th and the 1st URSUS items the day after on the 18th. And while it is usually just shirts, this will be a full URSUS line from button downs n jeans to sneakers. (Rumor is the Sta is off of the Bapesta, which just makes it a Bape? idk)


via Nigo

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