Monday, July 13, 2009

Airport, Clear Port

Random news of the week: I'm heading to Austria for the next 10 days.

Yea not exactly the 1st place I would choose to travel but my mom is there so I'm not going to fight with a free flight. And since some huge corporation pays for my flights I also get hooked up with business class flights and amenities that cost more than I've made all year. Nice eh?

But I plan to keep up the blog content just as I have been, except with way more travel pics probably, so don't fret. Here's a start, live from the lounge as I mooch as much free alcohol as I can before this red eye...

"Why do I look perturbed" you say? Oh cause I'm paying 12 bucks for an hour of internet! So you better be enjoying this damn post!!

This backpack has seriously been everywhere and has the pieces of flair to prove it.

What up Durkl!? Ur coming to Europe!

Lastly, the machine that makes it all possible. If this picture played music, it would be that holy entrance music u hear when things get lit up from above.

Alright, time to get on this flight and see what's good with Austria. I'll be sure to keep you all updated with the travels.



  1. have fun son... make sure you drink some real german beer while you're there!!

  2. have a good one man

    take lots of pics :)

  3. judging by the flair, your backpack hasnt been 'everywhere' just eastern/southeast asia.
    Also, get a notebook you bloggermaniac!

  4. Have fun!! I see martini glasses in the background!! so jealous



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