Sunday, July 12, 2009

Artist Profile - Shay Kun

When I 1st saw the works of New York artist Shay Kun all that I could think of was this EXTREME! OBAMA picture and I immediately fell in love with it for the randomness. Well it turns out there is way more to Shay's works than just random images thrown onto Bob Ross landscapes, but 1st take a look at some of it...


Melting Midlands

Nails & Feathers

Sole Survivor


Haven't been able to find out if the landscapes are original or just worked over but either way these are all crazy enough to make you stare at 'em for a minute or two.
The real inspiration for these pieces is to show how unnatural the placed images are on the serene landscapes. The explosions, people, and other crazy things all look really out of place and will never have a true place in these areas. You can read more on this from Shay's site.

EDIT: Email from the artist and every single part of the works are hand painted.


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