Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Kid Cudi Video Features - 'Symphonies' and 'Memories'

His album has been dropped but Kid Cudi has not stopped making noise. Aside from his part in a new HBO series (which has its own mixtape as well), he is featured on a few new songs, two of which recently released videos...

1st up, is Symphonies by Dan Black. The more introspective Man On The Moon Cudi appears on this track, along with an artsy ass video which pays homage to all generations of cinema. Well done. *clap, clap, clap*

The 2nd video is Memories by David Guetta. Far more upbeat (duh), and the video is also much more fun, somewhat reminiscent of the Day n Night video. I still really can't stand David Guetta, who tries way to hard to be cool, and is just waiting for a visit from Chris Hansen, but the track is decent (for a club) and the video is pretty funny.

BONUS - Cudder is Back (video)


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