Sunday, February 21, 2010

Heyday x Sugar Cane Denim Co.

At the recent Project show in Las Vegas, Heyday finally unveiled their collaboration project with Sugar Cane Denim. The collection consists of 3 models, all only using materials and hardware that are actually found on Sugar Cane's denim...

When I met with Darin from Heyday back in August this was one project that he was very excited about but wouldn't let me take pics or release any info on (although the sample that I saw was not used here). We talked about how some denim based footwear is really difficult to actually wear with denim, so I'm glad to see that the raw denim is mostly accents on these shoes, which makes them much more wearable.

This is a great look for both Heyday and Sugar Cane, both of which place the highest emphasis on quality. Look for these to release this summer.


via HS

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