Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Fafi for adidas Original Spring/Summer 2010

Fafi for adidas Original is hitting it off again for this Spring/Summer 2010 collection. This collab collection includes leather jacket, skirt, tees, one-piece jumpsuit, vest, and sneakers.

"Unlike last collaborations with Adidas, I really wanted to be involved in graphic design as well as styling, all the pieces are inspired by my own closet, stuff I founded in vintage stores or during my trips. This is a very colorful spring/summer 2010 collection to celebrate the end of a cold winter, good times with friends, get noticed at airports and music festivals!" -Fafi

I can say I really like the collection, but it somewhat throws me off. I'm definitely loving the leather jacket, the vest, and the suitcase. I think I'll pass on the others such as the sneakers and the one-piece jumpsuit. But we can all agree that this is an amazing collab. Yes, it is.

via Fafi



  1. was wondering when they would bring in a womens Originals line. and Fafi is the perfect fit. dope.

  2. I agree. Fafi is an amazing artist. =)



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