Thursday, February 11, 2010

Nexhype s/s '10 Cardigan

I still can't get a whole lot of info on Nexhype (aside from the fact that they seem to be out of Taiwan) since the site is entirely in Chinese and not so easy to navigate. The brand also doesn't seem to be huge, but more than a few times I've really liked their stuff. So here is a very simple release that I am once again enjoying greatly. Some knit cardigans from their s/s 2010 lineup...

Sorry if I'm boring you to tears with the simplicity of this post but I've always had a thing for cardigans (ask my friends), and for some reason this one particular grey is tickling my fancy...

The cardigans release next week, and I'm currently trying to get in touch with Nexhype for some overseas sales info. However if you live in Taiwan or China you can order through their yahoo.tw sales site.


via juksy

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