Thursday, February 11, 2010

Stussy's J Dilla Documentary Pt. 1

With the J Dilla tribute tee dropping this weekend, Stussy has also produced a J Dilla documentary to coincide with "Dilla Day" on the 13th. Part one of the 3 part documentary has just released today, which shows how people such as Houseshoes, Peanutbutter Wolf, The Beat Junkies, and Stones Throw 1st heard Dilla, and also touches on the creation of Jaylib and how that relationship came about...

The Stussy x Stones Throw Dilla tribute tee will be releasing on Saturday the 13th at Stussy chapter stores, in both white and black. If you're planning on getting yours in NY, hopefully I'll see ya there (even though they seemingly aren't having an event for some reason). As for the rest of the documentary, they’re releasing part 2 (”Detroit to Los Angeles”) on next Wednesday and then part 3 (”Donuts”) on the Wednesday after that. Can't wait.


via nahright

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