Friday, October 22, 2010

UNKLE - The Runaway | Video

UNKLE is back with a second video, this time for 'The Runaway', off of their latest "Where Did the Night Fall" album. Same abstract dance vibe and same directors as the 1st video, peep...

Directed by James Lavelle's longtime associates Warren du Preez and Nick Thornton Jones, the film is an extension of the moody artwork the photographic duo created for the group’s recent album Where Did the Night Fall, and the sensuous promo (starring Liberty Ross covered in silver body paint) they shot for lead single “Follow Me Down.” “Between takes on ‘Follow Me Down’ we thought it would be interesting to see what performance we could work towards with this other track, 'The Runaway'. Its star, Shannon Tillery, a model and trained dancer, teamed up with British choreographer Russell Maliphant to create improvised movements that play with light, diffusion and shadow against a mysteriously shifting, semi-opaque surface.

Peeped it on nowness, but good looks to highsnobiety for getting it up on youtube.

BONUS: Lupe got on this track and killed it.

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