Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Artist Profile - Mr.

Kaikai Kiki artist Mr. is one of my very favorite artists out today, however with a name like "Mr." it isn't exactly easy to search for him or his work. However I recently stumbled upon a ton of his stuff online, so I can now show you the innocent yet bizarre and slightly perverted world of Mr. ...

'Corn Dogs are the Best When Hot' 2008

'Glancing at Your Cheeks, I Can Start to Feel My Heart Changing, Just Like the Leaves' 2009

'Making Things Right' 2006

'V' 2005

'You Girls' 2007

'15 Minutes from Shiki Station' 2003


'I Have a Headache, Oh 10 Yen!' 2006

'The Boy Who Came to Like Bukuro' 2006

'In the Late Afternoon at the Convenience Store with Big Sister' 2008

He also does these huge installations of anime children heads that you can actually walk into from the back, and there is a rediculous room inside as if you are in their mind.

Mr. is a true Otaku artist (peep this Murakami lecture to learn more about Otaku culture), who paints in worlds of anime fantasy and alter-ego. He is often portrayed in his own work (he's the creepy dude with glasses) in very awkward situations as he said he paints some embarrassing dreams that he has. He is also a multi-faceted artest, recently doing photography, film, and live performances at his art openings (where he has been known to show up in Japanese lolita costumes O_o). Told you he was far from normal.

But alas I LOVE this man's work, it flirts with such an awkward like that it almost makes me cringe, but love the visuals even more! And impressively enough all of his work is acrylic on canvas, even though it looks so smooth and computer rendered in some pieces. Only seen some of his stuff twice in person, but the size of some of those canvases is amazing.

Huge thanks to La Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin for all of the archives so that I could finally do this Mr. profile!

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