Monday, October 18, 2010

Store Profile - Fly Streetwear (Shanghai)

When it comes to skateboarding in mainland China, one man is solely responsible for a large part of the movement, that man is Jeff Han. And over 10 years ago, way before skate culture was huge in America, never mind in China, Jeff opened one of China's first and now most famous skate shops, Fly Streetwear...

(photo credit: swaggerdap)

Fly Streetwear has two locations in Shanghai (and now one in Beijing), and is pretty much the authority on skateboard hardware, apparel, and footwear. To my knowledge they are the only official Nike SB account in mainland China, but they also carry etnies, Diamond, Girl, DGK, Circa, Kiks TYO, and more. And since the skate culture is still slowly growing there, you can find some serious heat for really low prices there (unless you wear size 11US and above, that is trickier to find in Asia).

Fun facts:
1. Remember the "fly milk Blazers" that came out a few years ago? Yeah those were done for Fly's founder who used to work at a milk factory before opening up the shop.

2. The original Fly as a set of orange Nike SB stadium seats outside (pic above) that have been there forever and stick out like a sore thumb on the streets of China. Trust me you won't miss them while walking by.

3. Vans is currently making a huge push in China, having opened several stores in Shanghai recently. So when you notice that Fly doesn't carry the Vans you want, just head next door where there is a new Vans shop.

Fly Streetwear's 2 locations:

702-704 Changle Lu (near Fumin Lu)
Jing An District


278 Changle Lu
Jing An District
Shanghai, China


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