Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bape Shanghai Opening Items & Camo

A lot of people were anticipating the possibility of a red and yellow colorway for Bape's Shanghai location, but Nigo went with a more subtle blue and yellow camo to represent their 1st store in mainland China...

and as you can see by the empty talk bubble, it looks like Nigo will be there for a signing of the opening tees.

(photo credit: swaggerdap)

*thumbs up*

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1 comment:

  1. レイバン サングラスの愛用する芸能人、もう一人発見!関ジャニ∞の、あのタレ目でセクシな錦戸亮さんが多数レイバン モデルがお持ちらしい。この前までやってた「パパドル」というドラマで、錦戸亮さんがレイバン clubmasterを頻繁にかけていて、ヒットすること、間違いなし!



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