Monday, October 25, 2010

Stone Island - Thermochromatic and Liquid Reflective Jackets

Yeah, so the title sounds like a chapter out of a science text book, but Stone Island has done some crazy things with fabrics on their jackets this year, and that is exactly what the technologies are called. 1st up, the thermochromatic 'Ice Jacket', which does just what it sounds like, changes colors as the temperature of the material changes between warm to cold...

Basically a brown jacket that turns into an icy blue/grey when hit with the cold. Also comes in a different cut as a camo version.

Next up is the 'Liquid Reflective Jacket'...

Unlike most reflectives on fabrics which are evenly screened on, this reflective was hand applied through a liquid spray and then oven dried, leaving a natural and uneven looking finish. The results are pretty stunning.

As you already expected, the prices are kind of high, but you can be pretty damn positive that you will have the most interesting jacket for some time. You can grab all of these jackets from the Stone Island online shop, but sadly the reflective jacket is almost all gone.


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