Sunday, October 24, 2010

Kanye West - 'Runaway' Short Film | Video

Guess this is my obligatory post on Kanye's short film, 'Runaway', which premiered last night on MTV and is currently available to stream on Ye's site. And even though it's been out for less than a day, this film has the internet going nuts, with some hate, but mostly lots of love... which is the beauty of art.

My personal breakdown of the elements is that the overall art direction was very well done, stage and costume design were fucking impeccable, story was average, acting was poor, and the visuals were absolutely stunning. I went into it expecting pretty much exactly what I got and was satisfied (not blown away but very satisfied). Definitely most impressed with the cinematography and references to fine art though, especially if Kanye really did direct it all himself as it says. And aside from the small acting parts, the only thing that was off at moments to me was the music not really fitting the visuals. At points I wanted to be hearing an orchestra or opera performance, not a Beyonce hook.

So yeah that's my all over the place thoughts on what I just watched. I'd love to hear some more thoughts in the comments (where you can actually use more than 140 characters). Oh and g'looks to Zockon for the tons of screen caps.



  1. You've echoed the gist of my thoughts. In short, as I told Marcus Troy and some others, I would've enjoyed it better as a photo album. 'Ye will do better.

  2. Those are my thoughts exactly. Seeing Ye's first short film with Spike Jonze, I expected a better story line though.

    Overall, the synopsis was better than the actual film and we can probably blame Hype Williams' writing (or directing or advising) for the lack of a good story line. We all know Kanye doesn't give a damn what we think so it may have been difficult for Hype to advise him in this area during the creation of this project.

  3. i enjoyed the cinematography too much for this to be a "photo album".
    Plus, c'mon son, a photo album? its 2010 what ima do with a photo album?? sleep with it under my pillow? fuck outta here
    Or I mean is this like a powerpoint presentation style photo album? cause what you're saying just makes no sense to me.
    It's cool that you don't like it, but photo album isn't gunna solve your issues with it.

  4. Smh. You titled the post with "Video", but posted still shots. My case was already rested.


  5. i posted stills cause i wanted people to watch on Ye's site. bigger frame.
    the video title was a mistake cause i was gunna post it originally.

    *goes to register www.fuckyoumeezy.com domain*



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