Monday, August 09, 2010

Kanye West - Power | Video

Yes this is a video for Kanye's new single Power, but don't get it twisted, it's not a music video! OK?! It's an experience, a moving portrait, that happens to have Kanye's Power playing in the background...

Yeah I honestly don't care that I'm a whole 4 days late on this; I haven't had internet and after watching this for the 3rd straight time this morning, I'm sublimely inspired. The visual is stunning. Directed by Marco Brambilla.

Not sure how Kanye stays so creative and inspired himself but it's really amazing watching this man create. He said that this album or the album after this will be his masterpiece, and a complete culmination of his work and career. Yeah as a fan if that doesn't get you excited to hear his album, nothing will.

And yes yes there was an uncensored version with bewbs, but it got taken down for the time being.

UPDATE: Peep the directors cut. trying to decide which I prefer now.



  1. Definitely a great way to start the video, but I was wondering where the rest of it was. I would have to 3 stars on this one folks. Song was also short lived.

  2. yea I was somewhat sad that the video ended where it did, but at that point it needed to either get fucking CRAZY or just end ... it couldnt continue like that

  3. I think I like the non-directors cut more... I like when the camera zooms in on the meanads, etc.



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