Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Riot !n Paris - Attack of the 5ft Hipster | Video

Remember those special Goosebumps books from childhood where you would be able to navigate your own story line and choose your adventure by flipping to certain pages? Yeah well Brooklyn based rock/ hip hop group Riot !n Paris has recreated that method but in the form of a music video!

Hopefully you have some time to fully enjoy the adventure, the options come near the end of each video, so choose wisely friends...

Not the most lavish or high budget video, but definitely the most creative that I've seen in a long time. And I was especially drawn in because the story just keeps getting deeper and deeper no matter what options you choose (honestly they could have stopped after the 1st set and I still would have been impressed). Marketing wise, it also made me want to hear more of the song, so they definitely win for that too.

Musically the song is pretty entertaining, especially lyrically if you live in NYC or ever visit BK or LES. The hipster debates convos between Meezy and I are constant so I was chuckling.

If you wanna hear more from Riot !n Paris you can download their free album "Weekend at Kenny's" from their bandcamp. I'm a few tracks in and my best description is The Knux meets Ninjasonik (or maybe just meets Brooklyn), so I'm digging it.


via Kanye

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  1. Parts of "I like Da Gurlz" is reminiscent of Artic Monkeys



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