Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bape 2010 Shark Collection

While the shark design has been somewhat overdone in the past few years by Bape, throwing it on every piece of clothing imaginable. Nigo is now revisiting the simple OG shark design, but with some new colors...

All of the felt shark details, stitched WGM patch on the hood, and biohaters sleeve tag are completely OG, it's just the new colors of red, yellow, sax blue, and light green that are updated and never done before. There are also matching color shark tees...

In addition to the hoodies and tees, we will be seeing some BapeStas and Bapex watches release this week as well.

Not a huge fan of the recycled shark design, I stick with my 2 OG sharks, BUT these parkas are pretty damn clean. I think the sax blue or red ones are kinds screaming for me.



  1. Please don't ever show a shark again!

  2. Haha I really don't mind the hoodies. I refused to post those horrid Stas



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