Monday, August 09, 2010

Shawnimals - NinjaTown Consultant

Ever wonder what happens to those Ninjas that get terribly injured in battle and lose their Ninja ability? Well, duh, they become Ninja Consultants of course...

"This Ninja lost his arm in a cookie eating contest...er, we mean fearsome battle. That doesn’t stop him from earning a living as a consultant. Impressive presentations and pie charts in tow, he’ll show you countless ways to make your ninja processes more efficient with side steps, smoke bombs and synergy."

And if that doesn't sell you enough on the power and effectiveness of Ninja Consultants, just watch the infomercial for Ninja, Ninja & Ninja Consulting...

So if you think you need some heath with steath hug maximization or ninja statistics, run to the Shawnimals shop to pick up your 7"x7" plush Ninja Consultant. Handmade, 1 of 100, and come with severed limb, business card and more goodies.


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