Thursday, February 14, 2008

SwaggerDap's Valentine's Day Massacre

Had to bring out the red for valentines (suprisingly not many people thought the same up here tho)

Nike Dunk SB Milli Vanilli
Snow + sneakers = i hate syracuse

Nike Dunk SB Money Cat Low

I would prolly say meezy won the sneaker battle today, although he abuses the Money Cats

but ya know i had the better overall fit ......

Nike SB x Uniqlo x Bape tee & hoodie x SupremexNBHD fitted

Nike SB x Uniqlo x H&M x Subscript x New Era x Gay? Journeys Belt

ahh the force is strong in this one

and since its Valentines Day n people make bad decisions ... read the shirt



  1. The Milli Vanilli's are hot!! Where do you get them online since I live in Europe.

  2. Thanks man .... you can try Vintagekicks.com or pickyourshoes.com




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