Sunday, February 03, 2008

Ride Around Shining

Home for the weekend so you know I had to hit up SoHo right away.... met up with my boy Matso who I havent seen for a minute now.

On the way to The Reed Space we saw this ill Lambo parked dumb illegal (note the ticket) but the car is so nice, the owner can prolly care less

Then, once we got to Alife i spotted the Be True To Your School Dunks ... the vintage detail is so ill, the white panels are yellowing and there's some glue dripping. They just look so 80's, its great
so you KNOW I took the pic of the Syracuse joints! ... gotta rep the school baby (but i'll wait to purchase cause they were $140 n u know when these drop in Cuse there wont be a markup)

ended up comming home with a few small bags (i'll take HD pics of the goods later). Nothing major though, gotta wait to see what I get for my birthday before I cop more shoes.
I'm thinking the red Bape 88's, tried them on and all I can say is 'sex'

Bape x Kidrobot x BBC/IceCream x Reed Space x H&M

be back with those pics soon enough


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