Monday, February 25, 2008

Puma Hi - Yo! MTV Raps & Fresh Prince

Puma is really going hard so far in '08 .... we already saw the Spy II Hi and the No Mas collabs along with some other interesting low top Clyde designs, and they just arent stopping yet. Here are some designs inspired by the late 80's - early 90's

1st up is the Yo! MTV Raps hi top
Amazingly obnoxious design here: Pink shapes all over the sides, neon green fat laces, and an already long toung that has the Yo! MTV Raps logo shooting off the top.
If it is seen for retail, a must cop!

Next up is the Fresh Prince Hi - First Round

These are more humbly obnoxious (if thats a possible combination) but if those alternate laces are swapped in for the black, the humble goes away.

The MTV Raps will be a limited drop later in the spring, we'l update you as more info is available

The Fresh Prince pack, complete with bag and watch, will be dropping along with a low top on March 17th in West Philly locations (only fitting eh?)


pics via hypebeast & theshoegame


  1. we should definitely make that road trip to get the fresh prince collection.

  2. how much they cost???????



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