Saturday, February 23, 2008

Bodega x Puma Spy Hi x SwaggerDap

Yep, we said it, so you know we did it, and now we'll blog about it .... we took the trip to Boston even in the snow storm to go after the Puma x Bodega Spy vs Spy Hi.

We were by far the 1st ones in line at 3:30 AM

and made it inside of Bodega 7 1/2 hours later to see this crazy art on the wall and cop our 4 pairs of Pumas :)

I'll post many more pics on this trip later don't worry .....



  1. Thanks for coming through fellas. we appreciate the support

    the menacing looking niggas at the front door. haha

  2. haha.... thanks guys ...we're definitely making the trip out again soon
    ur some legit dudes, and lady



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