Friday, February 01, 2008

Watch Over Me

So today I took the trek from Syracuse to Connecticut in some pretty terrible weather to say the least....... Im not the God fearing type but someone was definitely watching over me on the roads

This is what the highways looked like ...... no no not the little side streets the HIGHWAYS DAMNIT!


sooooooooo i kinda spun out right off the side of the road into a ditch .... dunno how, but i actually got myself out (yea, i got heart)

but my car didn't escape without some war wounds ...... i clipped one of those steel reflector while i was sliding


but u KNOW I swagged that shit out .... no accident or weather can fuck with the kick game (Ice Cream Board Flip I's)


"i wear my ..... ice creams in the ... ice ?" ..... not the same ring to it

well thank got im alive ....... and upon Meezy's idea, I might have to invest some birthday money into the BBC Car Crash tee

stay safe people


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