Monday, February 25, 2008

Bodega x Puma Spy Hi x SwaggerDap -Round2

1st allow me to appologize to you, the readers, for the weekend hiatus ... i mean 1 post? damn we slacked off.
But we had a good excuse, the trip to Boston for the Bodega x Puma Spy Hi

As you saw, we we're there dumb early to be in front, but the line grew steadily all morning....

this is about 30 minutes before open

all for this shoe:

couldn't just stop at 1 tho......

(as always, you can click the pics for the larger & detailed images)

Overall, I've got to say, Boston was great (minus the roads), Bodega and all the staff there were really great, and you know the shoes are greatest of the year so far! The detail on them is ever crazier in person.

Boston, we will be back very soon (morse code books ready) .... and hopefully we picked up a fan or two already



  1. I can not believe that out of the 80 of the shoes in bodega we know where 6 of them went i think we should have a spy vs spy themed party

  2. much respect swaggerdap!

  3. odie - def, a spy vs spy black and white only party (clothes, not races)

    bodega - thanks for the props .. you'll be seeing us again for sure

  4. dam these are some sick kicks, john you already know bro get at me lol. left a message on bt2 :)



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