Friday, August 21, 2009

Introducing: Wollyhood Clothing

While everyone is focused on being cool and having the latest limited edition everything, there are still some brands out there that just want to have fun with it. Wollyhood is one of those brands and you can tell from their website that all they want is to Do Fun Shit.

Their mission:
"From the seedy underbelly of high fashion, a fresh face has arrived! Like the millions before and the billions after, Wollyhood Clothing sets their sites on the prize. No, not Megan Fox or black Maybachs but just to have fun!"

Wollyhoods first full season should be debuting at Magic and releasing soon after for the fall season with a full line for men and women. We will definitely be bringing you all of that excitement but for now you can still shop some of the samples and early pieces from them, here.


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