Monday, August 31, 2009

Kidrobot Dunny Hunt 2009 NYC

Getting ready to release their highly anticipated 2009 Dunny set, Kidrobot is launching a great marketing event in their first Dunny Hunt 2009, held in NYC.

"Scour the streets of New York City Monday, August 31 through Friday, September 4 for secret Dunny Hunt codes to build your own virtual collection of Dunny Series 2009 and win great prizes!"

This is more or less a high tech scavenger hunt where the players must find and take pictures of QR codes (above picture to the right) that are hidden all over New York City and online. Once you find the codes you just take a picture with your smartphone and your collection of virtual Dunnys is updated.

It starts today and ends on September 4th so if you are in the city with nothing to do, get cracking! You can win some great prizes. Check the Dunny Hunt page for more info and the map that will clue you in on where to look for the QR codes.

Awesome awesome awesome campaign right here.


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