Tuesday, August 04, 2009

3sixteen Weekender Kit

Consistently stepping it up and becoming one of the classiest in the game, 3sixteen has just taken a small step outside of apparel and introduced a very nice 3-piece Weekender Kit.

The weekender kit comes complete with a duffel bag, toiletry bag and a small toiletry set (shampoo, conditioner, shave lotion, body wash, and a scented candle). The canvas bags are perfect for a weekend get and as carry on luggage. Gotta love the simple and classy design that 3sixteen is slowly perfecting.

Grab your weekended kit right here.

Also be sure to check out some new ties and a great pair of suede chukkas that they have also just added to the mix.



  1. should be noted that the exact same bag (from the same factory) minus the leather and handle detailings will run you about $50 as opposed to the retail...but I do support 3sixteens ventures, its been an evolution

  2. Just how a tee shirt w/o tags or a graphic will run you $8 instead of $34-120 .... thats how retail works... especially in street/ high fashion... so what's your point?

    Prestige pricing and market pricing

  3. sorry for confusion,there is no point, just that its the same bag from beckel with updated hardware and leather detailings.

    Cheaper and More expensive, based on andrew's comments i doubt its more of a prestige pricing thing
    these are tougher times than normal for some
    both are good products, just a heads up i guess



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